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Artificial Infection with Nocardia seriolae and the Histological Examination at Snakehead Channa argus
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 Title & Authors
Artificial Infection with Nocardia seriolae and the Histological Examination at Snakehead Channa argus
LEE, Nam-Sil; HAN, Hyun-Ja; KIM, Myoung-Sug; DO, Jeong-Wan; JUNG, Sung-Hee; CHO, Hyae-In; KIM, Jin-Do;
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Snakehead, Channa argus were intraperitoneally infected with Nocardia seriolae. at the concentrations of or . The infected fish were kept in aquaria at and for 3 weeks. Clinical signs and mortality were monitored daily to evaluate the virulence. All artificially infected fish showed the same clinical sign found in naturally infected fish. All the fish infected with of N. seriolae died within 24days. N. seriolae showed higher virulence to snakehead at the temperature . Internal lesions such as whitish nodules in the infected internal organs were not correlated with mortality but some degenerative changes were observed in all the infected organs within a week. Whitish nodules in the infected organs which are the typical character in nocardial infection was initially found at two weeks after the artificial infection in snakehead.
Artificial infection;Nocardia seriolae;Snakehead;
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