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Changes on Hematological Factors and Oxygen Consumption of Korean Rockfish Sebastes schlegeli in High Water Temperature
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 Title & Authors
Changes on Hematological Factors and Oxygen Consumption of Korean Rockfish Sebastes schlegeli in High Water Temperature
DO, Yong-Hyun; MIN, Byung-Hwa; KIM, Young-Dae; PARK, Mi Seon;
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Aquaculture production of Korean rockfish Sebastes schlegeli has been continuously increased from 2000s and the fish has become the second most important mariculture fish in Korea. However, there are some environmental problems in aquaculture of Korean rockfish recently. In this regards, stress responses to high water temperature was examined via oxygen consumption, blood physiological parameter and endocrinological method. Oxygen consumption of Korean rockfish had significantly increased with rising water temperature. And oxygen consumption during the light time was no different with the dark time. The levels of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) showed no difference until , but it had rapidly increased at . Moreover high water temperature affected to increase in plasma glucose and cortisol levels.
Korean rockfish;Hematological factors;Oxygen consumption;
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