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Study on Cognition and Acceptance of Western Food in Joseon Enlightenment Period (1876~1910)
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 Title & Authors
Study on Cognition and Acceptance of Western Food in Joseon Enlightenment Period (1876~1910)
Lee, Kyou-Jin;
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This research investigated changes in Joseon food culture mainly focusing on acceptance of Western food in the enlightenment period. Joseon intended to learn the advanced technology of the West. Through an exchange with various Western countries, the royal family and upper class of Joseon rapidly accepted foreign food and food culture. As hotels were built in Incheon and Seoul, foreign food became more widely provided, which spread to the public, accordingly, and Western style restaurants were built and spread to the Busan area besides Seoul. As Western food rapidly spread, concerns arose. Particularly, after an attempt to assassinate Gojong by inserting poison into his coffee in 1898, appeals were made concerning Western food "that should not be consumed, because it is not proper for Korean people`s intestines and stomach".
Enlightenment period;Joseon food culture;acceptance of western food;modernization;
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일제 강점기(1910~1945) 조선의 우유 생산과 보급,이규진;

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