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The Study on Development of Processed Foods with Chestnut
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 Title & Authors
The Study on Development of Processed Foods with Chestnut
Lee, Hyun-Sook; Jang, Young-Joo; Kim, Sun-Hyo;
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This study aims to develop the processed foods with chestnut and support their commercialization. Interview was performed with owner of Gongju chestnut food processing company and sensory evaluation was carried out by 103 male and female adults aged 20-70 using Likert 5 point scale-scoring test for chestnut processed food items developed. Nutrient contents of processed foods with chestnut were analyzed by Korea Food Research Institute. Commercialization support contents were high calorie low nutrition distinction, nutrition facts production and expiration date determination. We suggested 27 kinds of feasible chestnut processed foods. Among these, 10 items, chestnut pudding, chestnut glutinous rice cake bread, chestnut poundcake, chestnut burrito, chestnut millet pancake, chestnut soup, Yulpyeon, chestnut yakgwa, chestnut yeot, and chestnut yanggaeng were selected after consultants` assessment. Considering sensory evaluation, consultants` opinions, and company owners` opinion and status, chestnut poundcake and chestnut yakgwa were ultimately selected for commercialization support. Nutrient contents showed that chestnut pound cake and chestnut yakgwa were not high calorie low nutrition food. Expiration date was 10 days for chestnut pound cake and 6 months for chestnut yakgwa. By developing chestnut processed foods with high marketability, and supporting immediate commercialization, it is expected to increase high added value of chestnut.
Processed foods with chestnut;commercialization;sensory evaluation;nutrition fact;expiration date;
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