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A Study on The Control of Humidification and Dew Condensation by On/Off Control
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 Title & Authors
A Study on The Control of Humidification and Dew Condensation by On/Off Control
Park, Dea-Heum; Kim, Du-Hee; Kim, Kyoung-Hoon; Jung, Young-Guan;
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The humidification is essential for performance enhancement of the electrolysis of PEMFC because proton conductivity depends on hydration of the proton exchange membrane. In this study, the humidification experiment did about On/Off control the humidification and dew condensation for PEMFC by using of the membrane humidifiers. As the results, it was possible to approximation control of the humidity by using of the solenoid valve On/Off control on the membrane humidifier. Also the problem on the dew condensation was resolved by approximation humidity control through solenoid valve On/Off control and the removal of the dew condensation in the flow channel was verified through visualization experiment.
PEMFC;Humidity;Membrane humidifier;Dew condensation;On/Off control;
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운전방법에 따른 가정용 연료전지 시스템의 적용성 검토,박대흠;차광석;정영관;

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