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Performance Analysis of Absorbent for Post-combustion CO2 Capture by Regeneration
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 Title & Authors
Performance Analysis of Absorbent for Post-combustion CO2 Capture by Regeneration
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Performance of absorbent for post-combustion capture was measured and discussed. Fully saturated fresh absorbent (P2-15F) and absorbents sampled from absorption and regeneration reactor of continuous capture process, P2-15A, P2-15R, respectively, were used as representative absorbents. Small scale fluidized bed reactor (0.05 m I.D., 0.8 m high) which can measure exhaust gas concentration and weight change simultaneously was used to analyze regeneration characteristics for those absorbents. Exhausted moles of and were measured with increasing temperature. ratio and working capacity were determined and discussed to confirm reason of reactivity decay after continuous operation. Moreover, possibility of side reaction was checked based on the mole ratio. Finally, suitable regeneration temperature range was confirmed based on the trend of working capacity with temperature.
capture using dry sorbent; absorbent;Regeneration;Working capacity;Regeneration temperature;
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