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Performance test of PVT-water system considering ambient air and circulating water temperature
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  • Journal title : KIEAE Journal
  • Volume 15, Issue 5,  2015, pp.83-88
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment
  • DOI : 10.12813/kieae.2015.15.5.083
 Title & Authors
Performance test of PVT-water system considering ambient air and circulating water temperature
Jeong, Yong-Dae; Nam, Yujin;
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Purpose: Photovoltaic system is a technique for producing electrical power by utilizing solar energy, which can be used over 20 years with simple maintenance. However, in the case of photovoltaic systems, the energy conversion efficiency decreases as the surface temperature of module increases, compared with other renewable energy technologies. In this regard, PVT module can increase the energy utilization of a composite module as producing heat and electricity simultaneously by using solar energy. Currently, many researches have been promoting in order to develop a high efficiency PVT module in Korea. However, there are a few studies about the performance of the modules corresponding the shape of types and various heat exchangers of the PVT module. In this study, the electrical performance was measured by the change of the ambient temperature and the circulating water temperature using the fabricated PVT module. Method: Experiments were performed using a solar simulator. And this experiment was assumed that the weather condition was in each season, as winter, spring, autumn and summer. It was identified that the I-V curve associated with the change of the experimental conditions and confirmed the change in the electrical characteristics. Result: As a result, it was figured out that the surface temperature and the electrical performance changes in case conditions. The electrical performance was calculated in different temperature condition and the power production was confirmed by the change of module temperature.
Photovoltaic;Photovoltaic/Thermal system;Performance Test;
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