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The Forecasting Model of the Repair Cost in Apartment Housing - Focused roof water proofing and Elevator work -
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  • Journal title : KIEAE Journal
  • Volume 15, Issue 6,  2015, pp.63-68
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment
  • DOI : 10.12813/kieae.2015.15.6.063
 Title & Authors
The Forecasting Model of the Repair Cost in Apartment Housing - Focused roof water proofing and Elevator work -
Lee, KangHee; Chae, ChangU;
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Purpose: Most if buildings need various repair works for preventing or delaying the deterioration which gives rise to affect the living condition or function after constructed. Therefore, a long-term repair schedule should be planned and a repair cost is required. In this paper, it aimed at providing the statistical forecast model for a repair cost in roof water-proofing work and elevator work using statistical approach with three variables such as number of household, management area and a elapsed year. Data are collected in apartment housings which are located in Seoul area and conducted with interview and questionnaire sheet. Each analyzed work is divided into a partly work and fully work. Results of this study are shown that, first, the regression model takes a multiplying type like a Cobb-Douglas function and is changed into the log-linear type to include the three variable simultaneously. Second, the goodness-of-fit of the repair cost forecasting model has a good statistics in determinant`s coefficient and Dubin-Watson value. Third, the management area is stronger factor than other the number of household and an elapsed year in roof water-proofing work and elevator work.
longterm repair program;apartment;maintenance;repair scope;repair cycle;repair ratio;
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