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Level of Detail (LOD) for Building Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
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  • Journal title : KIEAE Journal
  • Volume 15, Issue 6,  2015, pp.69-80
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment
  • DOI : 10.12813/kieae.2015.15.6.069
 Title & Authors
Level of Detail (LOD) for Building Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
Kim, Sean Hay;
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Purpose: Since most simulation programs take the interface that lists up all the input variables representing all the functionalities, users must know where design variables of an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) are located and also know what values are appropriate. This is why practitioner designers feel frustrated when they attempt to use simulation. The final objective of this study is to provide a building energy modeling guideline for practitioners in various fields such as architectural design and MEP. Method: As the first step of the modeling guideline, this study provides the Level of Detail (LOD) for simulation modeling of primary ECMs considering the design information available in each design phase. It is prepared by literature review, simulation functionality investigation, and field experts` survey. Result: The proposed simulation LOD offers a milestone at each design phases concerning what design variable and attributes need to be developed with how much of details in order to meet the project goal. Also each design team can set up a simulation usecase considering organizational characteristics based on the proposed LOD.
Building Energy Simulation;Modeling Guideline;Energy Conservation Measure;Level of Detail;LOD;
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