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New records of three dinophycean genera Dinophysis, Histioneis, and Parahistioneis (Dinophysiales, Dinophyceae) from coastal waters of Jeju Island, Korea
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 Title & Authors
New records of three dinophycean genera Dinophysis, Histioneis, and Parahistioneis (Dinophysiales, Dinophyceae) from coastal waters of Jeju Island, Korea
Lee, Joon-Baek; Kim, Hyeung-Sin; Chung, Han-Sik;
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A total of 19 species of three genera Dinophysis, Histioneis, and Parahistioneis of the family Dinophysaceae are reported here from samples obtained using a 20-µm mesh net from June 2006 to December 2014 around Jeju Island including the East China Sea, and 16 of these species are new to Korean waters. A checklist of the three genera of dinoflagellates reported from coastal and oceanic Korean waters is presented. Short descriptions and synonyms are given for each species. The dinoflagellates of the family Dinophysaceae belong to mostly marine species, and include many tropical and/or subtropical species. Recently, the composition of dinoflagellate species has changed around Jeju Island as well as in Korean waters due to global warming and climate change. Tropical and subtropical dinoflagellates occur frequently in the coastal waters of Jeju Island, which reflects the ecosystem shift around the sea adjacent to Jeju Island from a temperate to a subtropical / tropical region.
Dinophysaceae;Dinophysis;Histioneis;Jeju Island;Parahistioneis;
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