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New record of the genus Neodilsea and N. yendoana (Dumontiaceae, Gigartinales) in Korea
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 Title & Authors
New record of the genus Neodilsea and N. yendoana (Dumontiaceae, Gigartinales) in Korea
Kang, Pil Joon; Nam, Ki Wan;
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A marine algal species was collected from the southern coast of Korea. This alga is characterized by a large and cartilaginous thallus, a dichotomous branching pattern, compressed axes, rare proliferations near the apex, and cystocarps protruded toward surface. In a phylogenetic tree based on rbcL sequences, this species nests in the same clade as Neodilsea yendoana as a terminal clade of the genus Neodilsea. The genetic distance between both sequences within the clade was calculated as 0.2% considered to be in the intraspecific range within the genus. Based on the morphological and molecular data obtained in the present study, this Korean species is identified as N. yendoana. This is the first record of the genus Neodilsea and N. yendoana in Korea.
first record;Korea;morphology;Neodilsea yendoana;rbcL sequences;red algal species;
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