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Effects of Transplanting Time and Vinyl-film Mulching Treatment on the Biomass Production of Artemisia annua L. in the Saemangeum Reclaimed Tidal Lands in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Transplanting Time and Vinyl-film Mulching Treatment on the Biomass Production of Artemisia annua L. in the Saemangeum Reclaimed Tidal Lands in Korea
Song, Jae-Do; Sohn, Yong-Man; Lee, Myung-Hi; Jeon, Geon-Yeong; Kim, Doo-Hwan; Park, Moo-Eon;
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The experiment was carried out to find the effects of transplanting time and vinyl-film mulching treatment on the growth of artemisia by randomized block design with three replications. The experiment site ( m) was temporally established in the south-eastern part of Saemangeum reclaimed tidal land (near Gwanghwal myun, Gimjae-gun, Jellabukdo). Artemisia plants had been partly suffered from salt injury, because soil salinities in some area during growing period had been measured higher than 10 dS . Growth of plant height and survival ratio of transplanted plants had been significantly correlated with soil salinity and then the regression equations between plant height (y) and soil EC (x) and between survival ratio (y) and soil EC (x) were expressed as y
Reclaimed tidal land;Artemisia annua L.;Transplanting time;Vinyl-film mulching;Soil salinity;
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