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Characterization of Kinetics of Urea Hydrolysis in A Newly Reclaimed Tidal Soils
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 Title & Authors
Characterization of Kinetics of Urea Hydrolysis in A Newly Reclaimed Tidal Soils
Kim, Hye-Jin; Park, Mi-Suk; Woo, Hyun-Nyung; Kim, Gi-Rim; Chung, Doug-Young;
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It is imperative to study the hydrolysis of urea in high saline-sodic condition of a newly reclaimed tidal land in order to overcome the problems associated with use of urea fertilizer. The methodology adopted in this study tried to get a convenient way of estimating rate for N transformation needed in N fate and transport studies by reviewing pH and salt contents which can affect the microbial activity which is closely related to the rate of urea hydrolysis. The hydrolysis of urea over time follows first-order kinetics and soil urease activity in reclaimed soils will be represented by Michaelis-Menten-type kinetics. However, high pH and less microorganisms may delay the hydrolysis of urea due to decrease in urease activity with increasing pH. Therefore, the rate of urea hydrolysis should adopt referring enzyme activity () accounting for urease concentration which is indicative for urea hydrolysis, especially in a high saline and sodic soils.
Urea;Hydrolysis;Reclaimed Tidal Soils;Salinity;Sodicity;Kinetics;
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