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Impacts of Planting Density on Nutrients Uptake by System of Rice Intensification under No-tillage Paddy in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Impacts of Planting Density on Nutrients Uptake by System of Rice Intensification under No-tillage Paddy in Korea
Meas, Vannak; Shon, Daniel; Lee, Young-Han;
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The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a new concept of increasing the yield of rice produced in farming. Therefore, we investigated the impacts of planting density on nutrient uptake as affected by SRI under no-till cropping system. The field was prepared as a randomized complete block design with three treatments: cm, cm and cm planting densities. The root dry mass was significantly increased in the wider planting densities (p<0.05%). The highest grain yield was obtained in cm planting density plot (p<0.05%) due to higher plant density per unit area and spikelets number per panicle. The total uptake amounts by rice plant were significantly higher in 20 cm planting density plot as 94.8 kg for T-N and 29.9 kg for P than other planting densities plots, but K and Mg uptake were significantly higher in cm planting density plot (p<0.05%). In this study, our findings suggest that SRI should be considered as a new practice for the rice productivity.
System of rice intensification;Rice;No-till;Planting density;Nutrient uptake;
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