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Evaluation of Rainfall Erosivity in Korea using Different Kinetic Energy Equations
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Rainfall Erosivity in Korea using Different Kinetic Energy Equations
Lee, Joon-Hak; Shin, Ju-Young; Heo, Jun-Haeng;
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A particular empirical equation for rainfall kinetic energy is needed to compute rainfall erosivity, calculated by the annual sum of the product of total rainfall energy and maximum 30-min rainfall intensity. If rainfall kinetic energy equation was different, rainfall erosivity will be produced differently. However, the previous studies in Korea had little concern about rainfall kinetic energy equation and it was not clear which rainfall kinetic energy is suitable for Korea. The purpose of this study is to analyze and evaluate the difference of the rainfall erosivity based on different rainfall kinetic energy equations obtained from previous studies. This study introduced new rainfall erosivity factors based on rainfall kinetic energy equation of Noe and Kwon (1984) that is only regression model developed in Korea. Data of annual rainfall erosivity for 21 weather stations in 1980~1999 were used in this study. The result showed that rainfall erosivity factors by the previous equations had been about 10~20% overestimated than rainfall erosivity by Noe and Kwon (1984)`s equation in Korea.
Rainfall kinetic energy;Rainfall erosivity;RUSLE;Soil erosion;
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