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Effects of Application Method of Pig Compost and Liquid Pig Manure on Yield of Whole Crop Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and Chemical Properties of Soil in Gyehwa Reclaimed Land
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Effects of Application Method of Pig Compost and Liquid Pig Manure on Yield of Whole Crop Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and Chemical Properties of Soil in Gyehwa Reclaimed Land
Lee, Sang-Bok; Cho, Kwang-Min; Baik, Nam-Hyun; Lee, Jung-Jun; Oh, Young-Jin; Park, Tail-Il; Kim, Kee-Jong;
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In order to develop the application method of pig compost (PC) and liquid manure (LM) for whole crop barley cultivation, experiments were conducted at Munpo series (coarse loamy, mixed, nonacid, mesic family of Typic Fluvaquents) soil in Gyehwa-reclaimed land, six plots, a LM applied rate as N% ; non-application, chemical fertilizer (CF)100, 100, 50+50, 50+CF50 and (PC30+LM40)+LM50 as basal and additional fertilizer. -N content in soil was decreased as along with the growth of plant, highest in LM100% as basal fertilization at early growth stage and highest in (PC30%+LM40%)+LM40% and CF100% at last growth stage. Amount of -N and -N in soil was high in (PC30%+LM40%)+LM40% and CF100% of top soil but in subsoil significant difference was little in all treatment. Amount of OM, , T-N, exchangeable Ca and Na in soil was higher (PC30%+LM40%)+LM40% than non-application after harvest. Amount of nutrient uptake in plant was higher in CF100% and split application of LM than LM 100% application. Nitrogen utilization rate was in the order of CF100% >LM50%+LM50%
Reclaimed land;Whole crop barley;Pig manure;Split application;
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