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Assessment of Nutrient Losses in Different Slope Highland Soils Amended with Livestock Manure Compost
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 Title & Authors
Assessment of Nutrient Losses in Different Slope Highland Soils Amended with Livestock Manure Compost
Joo, Jin-Ho; Lee, Seung-Been;
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Soil fertility of alpine soils in Gangwon-Do has been deteriorating because of heavy input of chemical fertilizers for intensive crop production. To reduce application of chemical fertilizers, use of livestock manure compost in alpine soils increases consistently. Soil loss and runoff due to heavy rainfall in alpine area cause nutrient loss from soil, and subsequently pollute stream water. Therefore, the objective of this study was to assess nutrient efficiency and loss in Chinese cabbage cultivated soil with different livestock manure composts in several slopes. As control, chemical fertilizer was applied at the rate of for . Each pig-and chicken manure compost was applied at the rate of . Chemical fertilizer + chicken manure compost was applied as same rate. Four treatments was practiced in 5, 20, and 35% filed slopes, respectively. We monitored the amounts of soil loss and runoff water after rainfalls, and we also analyzed the contents of nutrients in soil and runoff water through lysimeter installed in alpine agricultural institute in Gangwon-Do. T-N loss due to soil loss was much greater with increasing filed slops rather than different fertilizer treatments. T-N loss has positive relationship with field slopes, which showing soil loss (MT/ha)
Chicken manure compost;Pig manure compost;Soil loss;Runoff water;Highland;
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