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The Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium Contents in Organic Fertilizer
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 Title & Authors
The Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium Contents in Organic Fertilizer
Yun, Hong-Bae; Kaown, Dug-In; Lee, Jong-Sik; Lee, Ye-Jin; Kim, Myung-Sook; Song, Yo-Sung; Lee, Yong-Bok;
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The nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium contents are the key factors to determine the quality of organic fertilizers and right amount of application for agricultural uses. The major nutrient contents in raw materials used for making organic fertilizers and products were evaluated in this study. Among the raw materials that were investigated, soybean cake gave the highest total N content at , followed by perilla cake (), rape seed oil cake (), cotton seed cake (), and rice bran (). We investigated 43 organic fertilizers and our results showed widely varied concentrations of major nutrients : total N at , total at , and total at . Our study would like to emphasize the importance of nutrient content labeling in packed organic fertilizers to be able to know its efficiency and for determining the right amount for application.
Organic fertilizer;Nutritional composition;Raw material;Nutrient content;
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톱밥 혼합비율이 랜더링 처리 가축사체의 퇴비화에 미치는 영향,최익원;서동철;강세원;서영진;이상규;성환후;허종수;강석진;조주식;

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