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Review of Soil Structure Quantification from Soil Images
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 Title & Authors
Review of Soil Structure Quantification from Soil Images
Chun, Hyen-Chung; Gimenez, Daniel; Yoon, Sung-Won; Park, Chan-Won; Moon, Yong-Hee; Sonn, Yeon-Kyu; Hyun, Byung-Keun;
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Soil structure plays an important role in ecological system, since it controls transport and storage of air, gas, nutrients and solutions. The study of soil structure requires an understanding of the interrelations and interactions between the diverse soil components at various levels of organization. Investigations of the spatial distribution of pore/particle arrangements and the geometry of soil pore space can provide important information regarding ecological or crop system. Because of conveniences in image analyses and accuracy, these investigations have been thrived for a long time. Image analyses from soil sections through impregnated blocks of undisturbed soil (2 dimensional image analyses) or from 3 dimensional scanned soils by computer tomography allow quantitative assessment of the pore space. Image analysis techniques can be used to classify pore types and quantify pore structure without inaccurate or hard labor in laboratory. In this paper, the last 50 years of the soil image analyses have been presented and measurements on various soil scales were introduced, as well. In addition to history of image analyses, a couple of examples for soil image analyses were displayed. The discussion was made on the applications of image analyses and techniques to quantify pore/soil structure.
Soil structure;Pore geometry;Computer tomography;Image analysis;Fractal;Entropy;
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