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Measurement of Phosphorus in Soil and Water
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 Title & Authors
Measurement of Phosphorus in Soil and Water
Kim, Hye-Jin; Hwang, Seong-Woo; Chung, Doug-Young;
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The relative focus about phosphorus (P) which causes eutrophication characterized by increased growth of undesirable algae has increased in recent years. Phosphorus forms in soil and water include both organic and inorganic forms. There are also a large number of soil P determination methods that have been designed to account for various types of P and mechanisms controlling the chemistry of P in soil, water, and residual materials for environmentally relevant forms of P. However, phosphorus forms in soil, water, and residual materials are also difficult to standardize with any reasonable consensus, due to the number of different disciplines involved. Hence, it is essential to accurately define how P can be measured in soil, water, or residual material samples to avoid potential misinterpretations or inappropriate recommendations in determining amount and types of P. Therefore, we reviewed the testing methods which have appeared in the scientific literature to provide an overview of the soil test P most commonly used.
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