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Compaction Characteristics of Multi-cropping Paddy Soils in South-eastern Part of Korea
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 Title & Authors
Compaction Characteristics of Multi-cropping Paddy Soils in South-eastern Part of Korea
Yun, Eul-Soo; Jung, Ki-Yeul; Park, Ki-Do; Sonn, Yeon-Kyu; Park, Chang-Yeong; Hwang, Jae-Bog; Nam, Min-Hee;
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This study was carried out for some survey about soil compaction in the multi-cropping system of paddy field. Investigated sites were 90 farmer`s fields in south-eastern part of Korea. The tillage practices season was different according to cropping system of paddy; in spring for mono rice cultivation and in autumn for the multi-cropping field. The average tillage depth in investigated sites was about 25 cm, however, it is different between the farmer`s tillage practices and soil characteristics. It is high correlation to tillage deep and minimum resistance of penetration. The reaching soil deep to maximum resistance of penetration was about 27 cm, and average penetration resistance of the deep is 1.8~2.0 MPa for moderately fine-textured soils and more than 3.0 MPa for moderately coarse-textured soils. The difference of penetration resistance between cultivating and compacted layer was in order to sandy loam > clayey loam > clayey, and the difference was lesser in poorly drained soils than somewhat poorly ones. In the rice mono cropping field, the maximum resistance in no-tillage for 15 years was 1.18~1.25 Mpa at 20~25 cm in soil deep, however, the resistance of field with every year tillage practices was 2.03~2.21 Mpa. In the extremely compacted sandy loam textured soils, the penetration resistance at 30 cm in soil depth was drastically reduced by the subsoil from 5.2 Mpa to 3.2 Mpa, and the watermelon root in plastic film house was deep elongated.
Paddy;Soil compaction;Penetration resistance;Soil series;
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토양 경반층 강도가 콩 뿌리신장 및 생육에 미치는 영향,정기열;윤을수;박창영;황재복;최영대;전승호;이황아;

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