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Evaluation of Fertilizer Value of Biochars Using Water Plants
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Fertilizer Value of Biochars Using Water Plants
Han, Jong-Hak; Seo, Dong-Cheol; Kang, Se-Won; Choi, Ik-Won; Jeon, Weon-Tai; Kang, Ui-Gum; Kang, Seok-Jin; Heo, Jong-Soo; Kim, Sang-Don; Cho, Ju-Sik;
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To develop biochar for soil conditioner using water plants, characteristics of nutrients release of biochars were investigated under different water plants, manufacturing times and manufacturing temperatures. Under different water plants for manufacturing biochar, the concentrations of T-N and in the water with biochars were higher in the order of CRXDM > ZIZLA > PHRCO > TYHOR > MISSA. The concentrations of in the water were in the order of TYHOR CRXDM > ZIZLA > PHRCO > MISSA. Under different manufacturing times for biochar, the concentrations of T-N, and in the water with biochars were higher in the order of 2 hr > 30 min 1 hr. The concentrations of T-N, and in the water with biochars were on the order of > > under different manufacturing temperatures. Total amounts of T-N and releases in the water with biochars were higher in the order of CRXDM > ZIZLA > PHRCO > TYHOR > MISSA. Using biochars by water plants, total amounts of releases in the water with biochars were on the order of CRXDM > ZIZLA > MISSA >PHRCO > TYHOR. The results of this study suggest that biochars by water plants can supply some of the nutrient requirements of crops and can be a valuable fertilizer.
Biochar;Water plants;Fertilizer;
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수생식물 고사체의 농업적 재활용을 위한 퇴비화 가능성 평가,최익원;서동철;강세원;서영진;이상규;강석진;임병진;이준배;허종수;조주식;

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