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Relationships between Soil Physico-chemical Properties and Topography in Jeonbuk Orchard Fields
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 Title & Authors
Relationships between Soil Physico-chemical Properties and Topography in Jeonbuk Orchard Fields
Ahn, Byung-Koo; Lee, Jin-Ho; Ha, Sang-Keun;
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This study looked into 110 sites of orchard fields to investigate the relationships between the physical and chemical properties of soils, including heavy metal contents, and the topographic characteristics of the fields in Jeonbuk province. The topographic distribution of orchard fields in Jeonbuk province was local valley and fans, hilly and mountains, mountain foot slopes, alluvial plains, diluvium, and fluvio-marine deposits. Forty-six percent (46%) of total orchard fields were located in the hilly and mountains. Soil texture of the local valley and fans was mostly sandy clay loam, and the soil texture of other topographical sites were varied. Bulk density, porosity, and soil hardness were not different among the various topographic sites. The content of plant available water was the highest (19.5%) in the sites of diluvium. Soil pH, electrical conductivity (EC), and exchangeable content were the highest in the sites of fluvio-marine deposits, whereas the contents of soil organic matter (SOM), available phosphorus, and exchangeable , , and were not significantly different among the topographic sites. Also, soil pH and SOM content were generally in optimal ranges for the fruit plants in the orchard fields, but other values were mostly higher than those in optimum. In addition, the contents of heavy metals were much lower than the levels of Soil Contamination Warning Standard.
Orchard field;Topography;Physical properties;Chemical properties;Heavy metal content;
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