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Study on Characteristics of Biogas Production and Liquid Fertilizer with Anaerobic Co digestion of Livestock Manure and Food Waste
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 Title & Authors
Study on Characteristics of Biogas Production and Liquid Fertilizer with Anaerobic Co digestion of Livestock Manure and Food Waste
Park, Woo-Kyun; Park, Noh-Back; Shin, Joung-Du; Hong, Seung-Gil; Kwon, Soon-Ik; Kang, Kee-Kyung;
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Objective of this research was to investigate the characteristics of biogas production in anaerobic digestion reactor with different mixing ratio of food waste and swine manure. It was observed that the highest removal efficiency of organic material was 80% at 60 : 40 of mixing ratio (livestock manure : food waste). And also biogas yield was varied due to different mixing ratio of them. The cumulative biogas yield was highest at 60 : 40 of mixing rate (livestock manure : food waste). For use of the liquefied fertilizer as effluent from anaerobic digester, it was the limited ratio for 30% of co-digested food waste based on its salt content.
Anaerobic digestion;Livestock manure;Food waste;Biogas;Liquid fertilizer;
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