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Evaluating Stabilization Efficiency of Coal Combustion Ash (CCA) for Coal Mine Wastes: Column Experiment
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 Title & Authors
Evaluating Stabilization Efficiency of Coal Combustion Ash (CCA) for Coal Mine Wastes: Column Experiment
Oh, Se-Jin; Kim, Sung-Chul; Ko, Ju-In; Lee, Jin-Soo; Yang, Jae-E.;
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In this study, coal combustion ash (CCA) was evaluated for its stabilization effect on acidic mine waste with column experiment. Total of six treatments were installed depending on mixing ratio between coal wastes and CCA (0, 20, 40%) and mixing method (completely mixing and layered). Artificial acidic rain (pH 5.6) was used for feeding solution with flow rate of . Result showed that higher pH of leachate was observed as more CCA was mixed. The highest pH in leachate was measured when 40% of CCA was mixed with coal waste (pH of 5.8). Also, complete mixing with CCA and coal waste was more effective to increase the pH of leachate than layered treatment. Regarding the reduction of soluble Fe amount, the highest efficiency (78%) was observed when 20% of coal ash was completely mixed with mine waste. Based on those result, optimum mixing ratio of coal ash with mine waste can be ranged 20-40% depending on environmental circumstances in the field.
Iron;Coal wastes;Coal combustion Ash;Column experiment;Artificial rain;
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