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Effects of Customized Fertilizer Application on Growth and Yield of Rice
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Customized Fertilizer Application on Growth and Yield of Rice
Lee, Jong-Sik; Song, Yo-Sung; Lee, Ye-Jin; Yun, Hong-Bae; Jang, Byong-Chun; Kim, Rog-Young;
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The importance of environment-friendly agriculture is being magnified as a new growth engine industry in pursuit of low carbon, green growth policies. In order to provide technical supports for pushing ahead with the environment-friendly agriculture policies, we estimated the effects of customized fertilization on growth and yield of rice and fertilizer reduction compared to conventional fertilization and single-element fertilization. In rice plant growth and rice yield, no statistically significant difference between the three fertilization treatments was observed. In contrast, customized fertilization showed high disaster resistance reducing the damage caused by rice lodging during a typhoon. The average N application in farms showing high rice lodging amounted to while was known as the critical range of rice lodging in Korea. The fertilizer reduction rate of customized fertilization compared to conventional fertilization of investigated farms was on average 22.5%. We estimated the short-term effects of customized fertilization in the first year after application. In future, there is need for continuous examination of rice growth and soil environment change due to successive application of customized fertilizer.
Customized fertilizer;Rice;Growth;Yield;
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맞춤형비료 시용에 따른 벼 재배 효과,이종식;송요성;이예진;윤홍배;성좌경;

한국토양비료학회지, 2012. vol.45. 6, pp.1004-1008 crossref(new window)
Effects of Customized Fertilizer Application on Rice Cultivation, Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer, 2012, 45, 6, 1004  crossref(new windwow)
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