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Selection of Nutrient Solution Strength and Media in Potting Without Nutrient Solution Recycling in Gerbera `Sunny Lemon`
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 Title & Authors
Selection of Nutrient Solution Strength and Media in Potting Without Nutrient Solution Recycling in Gerbera `Sunny Lemon`
Kil, Mi-Jung; Shim, Myung-Syun; Park, Sang-Kun; Shin, Hak-Ki; Jung, Jae-A; Kwon, Young-Soon;
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The study was conducted to investigate the characteristics of flower quality and yield of gerbera `Sunny Lemon` by mutrient solution strength and media of nutrient solution. The plant growth of `Sunny Lemon` showed the highest values in the media of rockwool and perlite 1: peatmoss 2. Especially the yield of cut flowers for a year was more than 60 flowers and the flower longevity was over 10 days irrespective of nutrient solution concentration in the two media. There were no significant differences of plant characteristics in the nutrient concentration of 1/2 and 1 times, and the mineral nutrient contents showed similar values. Therefore, we recommended the media of perlite1: peatmoss2 with the concentration of 1/2 times for economical use. The rockwool media was not appropriate because of the weak buffer capacity like EC and pH.
Flower longevity;Number of flowers;Rockwool;Sonneveld nutrient solution;
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