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Comparing Organic Carbon Storage of Upper 15-cm Soils between Different Land Use Types in Korean Inland
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 Title & Authors
Comparing Organic Carbon Storage of Upper 15-cm Soils between Different Land Use Types in Korean Inland
Han, Kyung-Hwa; Cho, Hee-Rae; Lee, Jeong-Tae; Lee, Gye-Jun; Hong, Suk-Young; Zhang, Yong-Seon;
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This study was carried out to investigate the surface soil organic carbon fractions affecting by different land use types, including needle-leaf forest (FN), broad-leaf forest (FB), pasture, annual upland cropping land (upland), and paddy rice land (paddy). We chose seven regions across Korean inland, considering sea level altitude, and measured soil organic carbon content and physico-chemical properties such as bulk density at a depth of 0~15 cm using core samples in April for the each land use type. In addition, labile organic carbon fractions in soil including light fraction and hot water extractable carbon were investigated. From this study, organic carbon storage (Mg C per ha) in the upper 15-cm soils was highest in FB (37.8), and decreased in the order of pasture (29.1), FN (28.8), paddy (21.9), and upland crop (19.9). In forest, more than 20% of soil organic carbon existed as light fraction, the free organic matter. Hot-water extractable carbon contents of soils in five land use types were lower than 7% of their soil organic carbon content.
Soil organic carbon storage;Light fraction;Hot-water extractable carbon;Land use types;
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