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Effect of Liquid Pig Manure Application on Soil Chemical Properties in Rice-Chinese Milkvetch Crop Rotation
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Liquid Pig Manure Application on Soil Chemical Properties in Rice-Chinese Milkvetch Crop Rotation
Kang, Se-Won; Seo, Dong-Cheol; Seo, Young-Jin; Lee, Sang-Gyu; Choi, Ik-Won; Jeon, Weon-Tai; Kang, Ui-Gum; Sohn, Bo-Kyoon; Heo, Jong-Soo; Cho, Ju-Sik;
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This study was conducted to investigate the effect of liquid pig manure application on soil chemical properties in rice - Chinese milkvetch rotation. Field experiment was designed with APLM 0 (Chinese milkvetch + Liquid pig manure ), APLM 50 (Chinese milkvetch + Liquid pig manure ), APLM 75 (Chinese milkvetch + Liquid pig manure ) and APLM 100 (Chinese milkvetch + Liquid pig manure ), respectively. The concentration of O.M, T-N, Avail. , K, Ca and Mg at different liquid pig manure levels in soil were generally high in the order of APLM 100 > APLM 75 > APLM 50 > APLM 0. Especially, T-N concentration of soil in APLM 100 was 1.4 times higher than APLM 0. The yield of rice in APLM 100 was (increasing yield 5.3%) compared with APLM 0 in rice-Chinese milkvetch crop rotation. Therefore, application of liquid pig manure was useful in rice - Chinese milkvetch crop rotation.
Liquid pig manure;Rice;Chinese milkvetch;Rotation;Chemical properties;
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바이오가스 프랜트에서 혐기 소화시킨 돈사 Slurry의 화학적 특성 및 배추생육 시용효과에 관한 연구,정찬성;박정근;노안성;조웅기;이성실;문여황;

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