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Effect of Growth and Yield of Wheat, Soil Properties on Leguminous Cover Crops-Wheat Mixtures
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Growth and Yield of Wheat, Soil Properties on Leguminous Cover Crops-Wheat Mixtures
Jeon, Weon-Tai; Seong, Ki-Yeong; Oh, Gye-Jeong; Lee, Hyun-Bok; Kim, Min-Tae; Lee, Yong-Hwan; Kang, Ui-Gum; Kim, Sook-Jin; Kang, Hang-Won;
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Leguminous cover crops fix nitrogen from the atmosphere. The objective of this research was carried out to decrease fertilizer amount by cover crops-wheat mixtures cultivation. Field experiment was conducted at upland soil 2008 to 2009. Cover crops were used crimson clover and hairy vetch. Treatments consisted of three wheat-crimson clover (wheat 10 kg + crimson clover 1, 3, ), wheat-hairy vetch mixture (wheat 10 kg + hairy vetch ), and wheat - hairy vetch mixture - crimson clover (wheat 10 kg + hairy vetch 2 kg + crimson clover ). These treatments were divided into no fertilizer and top dressing. The yield of wheat and crimson clover mixtures had no significantly differences compared to wheat only at top dressing plots. Also soil chemical and physical properties were a little bit improved such as OM, -N, and bulk density etc by wheat-crimson clover mixtures. Therefore, we suggested that crimson clover and wheat mixture could be used to reduction of fertilizers amount for environmental friendly wheat production.
Cover crops;Wheat;Hairy vetch;Crimson clover;Mixture;Yield;
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간척지에서 헤어리베치와 밀 혼파재배에 따른 녹비 생산성 증진 효과,양창휴;신평;백남현;조광민;이상복;노태환;이경보;이건휘;

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풋거름작물 유래 질소를 기준으로 한 밭작물 작부체계 선발 연구,김민태;최종서;김숙진;김성국;정응기;박이훈;김광섭;박기도;허성기;

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