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Characteristics in Chemical Properties of Agricultural Groundwater in Gyeongnam Province
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics in Chemical Properties of Agricultural Groundwater in Gyeongnam Province
Lee, Seong-Tae; Kim, Eun-Seok; Song, Won-Doo; Kim, Jin-Ho; Kim, Min-Kyeong; Lee, Young-Han;
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This survey was conducted to obtain basic data of the quality of groundwater for agriculture in Gyeongnam province. Groundwater samples from paddy 15, upland 15, and plastic film house 30 sites were collected on April, July, and October in every two years from 2002 to 2008. According to the result of water quality analysis, groundwater quality was suitable for irrigation purpose averagely. The -N contents by land use were in the order of plastic film house > upland > paddy field and its contents were 6.53, 4.80, and , respectively. In annual changes of water quality, pH was no significant change in paddy, upland, and plastic film house by 6.6~6.9. EC was increased in upland and plastic film house in 2008 and majors factors were -N and . In upland and plastic film house, -N contents were 4.72 and in 2002, respectively, whereas they were 5.63 and in 2008, respectively. Of the investigated sites, -N was exceeded water quality standards for agriculture by 3.3~15.0% in plastic film house and was exceeded water quality standards for agriculture by 2.2% in upland of 2004. The -N contents were decreased with well depth and their contents were from 3~10 m, from 10~20 m, and from above 30 m. The -N contents by soil texture were highest in sandy loam by and lowest in clay loam by . The -N contents by crops category were in order of fruit vegetables > leaf vegetables > rice > fruits > beans, contents of fruit vegetables and leaf vegetables were 5.81 and , respectively.
Groundwater;Soil texture;Well depth;
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