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Effects of Pig Compost and Liquid Manure on Yield, Nutrients Uptake of Rice Plant and Physicochemical Properties of Soil
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Pig Compost and Liquid Manure on Yield, Nutrients Uptake of Rice Plant and Physicochemical Properties of Soil
Lee, Sang-Bok; Cho, Kwang-Min; Baik, Nam-Hyun; Yang, Chang-Hyu; Jung, Je-Hyuck; Kim, Kee-Jong; Lee, Gyung-Bo;
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In order to develop the application method of compost manure (CM) and liquid manure (LM) for rice cultivation, experiments were conducted at silty loam paddy field in Gochang, Jeonbuk, a LM applied rate as N%; non-application, chemical fertilizer (CF) 100%, CM 50%+LM 50%, CM 30%+CF 70% and CM 30%+LM 70% as basal and additional fertilizer. -N content in paddy soil was higher with CF 100% application than the split application of compost and liquid pig manure fertilizer during the early stage of rice growth. However, there was no significant difference in the later part of rice growth. Amount of -N in leachate was decreased in CM 30%+LM 70% and CM 30%+CF 70% split applications compared to CF 100%. Amounts of OM and Avail , Exch. cations in soil of experiment after were highest with the split application of CM 50%+LM 50% and CM 30%+LM 70%. Amount of nutrient uptake of plants were no significant difference between the split application plots of CM and LM, but nitrogen utilization rate was 66% in average CM 50%+LM 50% and CM 30%+LM 70% to compared CF 100%. The rice yield of CM 50%+LM 50% was lower (90%) comparing that of CF 100% (). But the yield in CM 30%+CF 70% and CM 30%+LM 70% reached 96% in average, which did not show significant difference with that of CF 100%. Accordingly, LM 70% or CF 70% split application after CM 30% application was helpful in enhancing the physicochemical property of soil as well as reducing CF. It could be evaluated that this application in segmentation was better in productivity improvement and soil pollution reduction than the esinultaneous application of LM 100% in terms of split application in times of requirement for plants.
Livestock manure;Split application;Rice yield;Soil physicochemical properties;
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친환경 유기농자재 처리에 따른 정화토양의 개선 효과,김동진;안병구;이진호;

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