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Differences of Soil Carbon by Green Manure Crops in Rotated Cropping System
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 Title & Authors
Differences of Soil Carbon by Green Manure Crops in Rotated Cropping System
Kim, Kyeong-Mok; Lee, Byeong-Jin; Cho, Young-Son;
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This experiment was conducted to select winter-adaptable crop system or cropping systems for an enhanced carbon (C) fixation amount in plant biomass and soil. Single or mixed cropping systems of green manure crops, rye (R), triticale (TC), hairy vetch (HV), TC+HV, and control (fallow) were investigated during winter and spring. The amount and content of C and N in the above-ground biomass and soil C content by soil depth were measured under different green manure crops. The above-ground biomass was highest in TC+HV followed by R and TC with 664, 585, and 545 kg , which exceeded the biomass of control by 181, 160, and 149%, respectively. The amount of C accumulation was higher in soil surface than deep soil. which was a similar pattern to the above-ground biomass. Therefore, green manure cropping in winter and spring seasons will be very helpful of improve soil organic matter.
Carbon;Green manure;Rye;Triticale;Hairy vetch;
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