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Composting of Pig Manure Affected by Mixed Ratio of Sawdust and Rice Hull
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 Title & Authors
Composting of Pig Manure Affected by Mixed Ratio of Sawdust and Rice Hull
Yun, Hong-Bae; Lee, Ye-Jin; Kim, Myung-Sook; Lee, Sang-Min; Lee, Yeoun; Lee, Yong Bok;
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A bulking agent is an essential material for composting of high-moisture livestock manure such as pig slurry. Sawdust has been used as the most popular bulking agent but resources are limited in Korea. In this study, the feasibility of rice hull as a bulking agent was examined for composting of solid pig manure. The solid pig manure was mixed with 15% sawdust (PM+SD15), 15% rice hull (PM+RH15), 10% sawdust and 5% rice hull (PM+SD10+RH5), and 5% sawdust and 10% rice hull (PM+SD5+RH10) based on fresh weight. These mixtures were composted for 35 days. The average temperature of the composting file for 35 days was higher in PM+SD10+RH5 and PM+SD5+RH10 than in PM+SD15 and PM+RH15. The mass loss of PM+SD10+RH5 and PM+SD5+RH10 were 36.7 and 36.4%, respectively, which were higher than that of PM+SD15 and PM+RH15. After composting, organic matter content and organic matter/nitrogen ratio in all treatments met the official standards of commercial fertilizers. We concluded that rice hull may be a good bulking agent for pig manure composting when it is used in mixture with sawdust.
Pig manure;Sawdust;Rice hull;Compost;Bulking agent;
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