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Changes in Carbon Amount of Soil and Rice Plant as Influenced by the Cultivation of Different Green Manure Crops
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 Title & Authors
Changes in Carbon Amount of Soil and Rice Plant as Influenced by the Cultivation of Different Green Manure Crops
Cho, Hyeoun-Suk; Seong, Ki-Yeung; Park, Tae-Seon; Seo, Myung-Chul; Jeon, Weon-Tai; Yang, Woon-Ho; Kang, Hang-Won; Lee, Hye-Jin;
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A green manure crop were used in many ways, such as for reducing chemical fertilizer, improving physical and chemical properties of soils, protecting soil loss, and creating landscape when it`s grown in agricultural land. Experiments were conducted to find out carbon emitted with applying green manure crops in paddy field. Amounts of carbon absorbed in the green manure crops during the winter were 1.22 ton in hairy vetch, 1,24 ton in barley, and 1.54 ton in hairy vetch/barley. The soil carbon content was the highest at days before transplanting of rice and decreased after days after harvesting the plant. Soil carbon contents were higher with hairy vetch or barley treatment than with hairy vetch/barley treatment. The content of emitted methane () was the highest at 7 days after transplanting rice plant, and was 17 ~ 25 times higher with green manure treatments than with chemical fertilizer application. The emission was the highest with hairy vetch treatment and than followed by hairy vetch/barley and barley treatments. The content of carbon absorbed in rice plant increased during the cultivation period but was not different with the applications of different green manure crops. The yield amounts of rough rice and rice strow were 5 ~ 13% higher with the green manure treatments than the chemical fertilizer application. In particular, they were the highest with hairy vetch/barley treatment as 14.07 ton .
Green manure crop;Carbon absorption and emission;Rice plant;Paddy field;
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수수 재배 시 풋거름작물 이용이 토양특성 변화와 수수의 수량에 미치는 영향,김성국;정건호;신성휴;김민태;김충국;심강보;

한국작물학회지, 2016. vol.61. 4, pp.290-296 crossref(new window)
당근 연작장해 경감을 위한 녹비작물 재배가 당근 생육 및 수량에 미치는 영향,김성헌;서동철;박종환;이성태;이상원;김홍출;조주식;허종수;

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당근-녹비 윤작지에서 헤어리베치 및 클림손클로버가 당근의 수량 및 토양 물리.화학성에 미치는 영향,박종환;이성태;서동철;김성헌;김홍출;이상원;조주식;허종수;

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토마토 시설재배지 토양에서 단기 녹비작물 재배가 연작장해 토양 개량 및 토마토 생육에 미치는 영향,정유진;노일섭;강권규;

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