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Behavior of Nitrogen Released from Chinese Milk Vetch in Paddy Soil by Using Stable 15N Trace
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 Title & Authors
Behavior of Nitrogen Released from Chinese Milk Vetch in Paddy Soil by Using Stable 15N Trace
Lee, Chang Hoon; Jung, Ki Youl; Kim, Sun Tae;
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Green manure cultivation affects soil productivity and nutrient conservation in paddy soil at winter season. This study was to evaluate nitrogen behavior released from chinese milk vetch (CMV) as green manure by using stable trace during rice cultivation. The CMV used in the experiment was 29.9 of C/N ratio and 14.1 g N ( 0.388 atom % excess) and was applied at rates of 10 and in pot of 1/2000a size. Rice growth and N uptake increased with higher levels of CMV application at harvesting stage. Among total N uptake, 14.6 and 26.8 % of nitrogen was released respectively from the two different rates of CMV application. Stable recovery by rice biomass was 60%, 54% to the input, respectively, of CMV application, which decreased in order of grain, root, and straw of rice biomass. Total N content in the soil after rice harvest was 1.9 and 2.1 g N , respectively, with increasing N input by the different rates of CMV application and the rate of recovery derived from CMV in the soil was 3.8 and 4.8 %, respectively. N input by CMV application induced rice growth and productivity during rice cultivation. However, it might need proper managements to reduce N loss because about 36-41 % of nitrogen was lost from N input by CMV application.
Green manure;Chinese milk vetch; recovery;Rice;
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농경지에서 유기물 시용에 의한 질소 공급 효과,이예진;윤홍배;송요성;이창훈;성좌경;하상건;

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