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Effects of Slope Gradient and Rainfall Intensity on Soil Losses with Rainfall Simulator Experiment
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Slope Gradient and Rainfall Intensity on Soil Losses with Rainfall Simulator Experiment
Lee, Gye-Jun; Lee, Jeong-Tae; Ryu, Jong-Soo; Oh, Dong-Shig; Kim, Jeom-Soon;
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This research was carried out to investigate the interaction effect of slope gradient and rainfall intensity on soil loss with rainfall simulator. The soils used in this experiment were saprolite, Chahang series which distributed extensively in Daegwanryong. Slope gradient applied was 0.5, 7, 15 and 30%. Rainfall intensity applied was 20, 60 and . The result obtained can be summarised as follow; Overall, Chahang series suffered more losses than saprolite. Chahang series shows the immediately large increase of soil loss with the increasing soil gradient and rainfall intensity. However, saprolite shows a little increasing loss up to 7% gradient and abruptly increasing loss logarithmically over 7% gradient in soil slope. In combination of slope gradient 15, 30% and rainfall intensity 60, processing, both soil erosion happened significantly. And there was no significant difference between the two soils. Because Chahang series have the danger of soil loss with low slope gradient and rainfall intensity, we should give greater attention to soil management in Chahang series.
Rainfall simulator;Slope gradient;Rainfall intensity;Soil loss;
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