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Relationship Between Relative Water Content and Ascorbate Redox Enzymes Activity in Lettuce Leaves Subjected to Soil Water Stress
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Relationship Between Relative Water Content and Ascorbate Redox Enzymes Activity in Lettuce Leaves Subjected to Soil Water Stress
Kang, Sang-Jae; Park, Man;
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The relationship between relative water contents of lettuce leaves and biochemical activities in lettuce was examined in this study to explore an adaptation response of lettuce to water stress from soils. Soil water contents and relative water contents of leaves were positively related to show
Ascorbate-related enzymes;Hydrogen peroxide;Water content;Soils;Lettuce;
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식물 내건성 평가를 통한 제지 슬러지의 옥상녹화 이용 가능성 연구,최재혁;박봉주;

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매발톱꽃의 생장에 대한 차광 및 화분 크기의 효과,진병판;강호철;허근영;

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