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Foliar-application Effects of Urea and Potassium Phosphate on Fruit Characteristics and Reserve Accumulations of Persimmon Trees 75%-defoliated in Early Autumn
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 Title & Authors
Foliar-application Effects of Urea and Potassium Phosphate on Fruit Characteristics and Reserve Accumulations of Persimmon Trees 75%-defoliated in Early Autumn
Choi, Seong-Tae; Park, Doo-Sang; Ahn, Gwang-Hwan; Kim, Sung-Chul; Choi, Tae-Min;
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A severe defoliation by typhoon in early autumn reduces fruit quality for the current season and reserve accumulations for the next season. This study was conducted to determine the effects of foliar applications during the autumn on alleviating the damages after defoliation. Leaves of 2-year-old `Fuyu` trees, grown in 50-L pots under a rain-shelter, were 75%-defoliated on September 9. In mid-September and early October, trees were treated either with eight foliar applications of urea or with four alternating applications of urea and (urea + KP application), all at 0.5% (w/v). Trees untreated after the defoliation served as the control. The urea applications slightly increased N and P concentrations of the leaves collected on November 6, while urea + KP applications significantly increased P and K concentrations. Foliar applications did not affect fruit growth, but tended to decrease skin coloration. Fruit soluble solids increased by 1.5 and for urea and urea + KP applications, respectively. There was a significant increase in dry weight of fine root for the foliar application treatments but not in those of aerial woods and larger roots. With the foliar applications, N concentration tended to increase in the permanent organs but not P and K, whereas soluble sugars and starch notably increased in shoot, trunk, or fine root regardless of the different applications. Results indicated that the foliar applications could partially help to restore fruit quality and carbohydrate accumulations in the defoliated trees.
Persimmon;Defoliation;Foliar application;Fruit characteristic;Reserve accumulation;
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