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Physiological Response and Cadmium Accumulation of MuS1 Transgenic Tobacco Exposed to High Concentration of Cd in Soil: Implication to Phytoremediation of Metal Contaminated Soil
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 Title & Authors
Physiological Response and Cadmium Accumulation of MuS1 Transgenic Tobacco Exposed to High Concentration of Cd in Soil: Implication to Phytoremediation of Metal Contaminated Soil
Jeoung, Yoon-Hwa; Kim, Young-Nam; Kim, Kwon-Rae; Kim, Kye-Hoon;
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The objective of this study was to understand the physiological response and cadmium accumulation of MuS1 transgenic tobacco exposed to high concentration of Cd in soil. For this, a pot experiment was carried out in a greenhouse for a month, with two lines of MuS1 transgenic tobaccos (S4 and S6) and non-transgenic tobacco cultivated in the soils spiked at three different Cd concentrations (0, 60 and 180 mg ). Both transgenic and non-transgenic tobacco showed visible toxic symptoms such as chlorosis and leaf roll as treated concentration increased. The net photosynthetic rates of MuS1 plants (S4 and S6) exposed at 180 mg Cd were 6.3 and , being higher than those of the non-transgenic plant (). Values of stomatal conductance of MuS1 transgenic plants (0.05 and 0.008 mmol ) were also higher than those of non-transgenic plant (0.03 mmol ). In addition, fresh and dry weights of MuS1 transgenic plants were heavier than those of non-transgenic plant. Likewise, MuS1 transgenic plants appeared to be better physiological performance than non-transgenic tobacco when exposed at high concentration of Cd in soil. With regard to metal accumulation, MuS1 transgenic tobaccos accumulated more Cd in their roots than non-transgenic tobacco implying that MuS1 transgenic tobacco is suggested to be used for phytostabilization of heavy metals.
MuS1;Transgenic plant;Phytoremediation;Cadmium;Tobacco;Immobilization;
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포플러를 이용한 활성탄 제조 시스템에 대한 전과정 평가,김미형;김건하;

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