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Investigation on Regional Distribution of Potential Energy Production with Agricultural By-Products in Agricultural Sector
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 Title & Authors
Investigation on Regional Distribution of Potential Energy Production with Agricultural By-Products in Agricultural Sector
Park, Woo-Kyun; Lee, Sun-Il; Shin, Joung-Du; Kim, Gun-Yeob; Kim, Yi-Hyun; So, Kyu-Ho;
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The objectives of this study were to estimate the potential biomass yield by using the biomass conversion index and evaluate the potential energy production by using the energy conversion index of biomass. Estimating the total biomass yield in Korea showed 9,646.3 thousand tons produced in 2012. Subsequent evaluation of the potential energy production using the estimated biomass yield in 2012 indicated that the calorific values were varied from 3,800 to 4,500 kcal for crop- and from 4,100 to 4,300 kcal for woody-based biomass, respectively. Among the examined biomass materials, the pruned branch of a nut tree appeared to be the greatest in bio-energy production showing 6,300 kcal in calorific value. Total potential energy production from agricultural by-products was estimated approximately at 3,966,000 TOE. Among the agricultural by-products examined, rice straw showed the greatest energy production potential being at 2,321,000 TOE. Furthermore, it might contribute to establishing the countermeasures of biomass utility in agricultural sector based on regional distribution chart of the potential biomass and energy yields in Korea.
Biomass;Agricultural By-products;Biomass conversion index;Potential biomass energy production;
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