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Chemical Properties and Nutrient Loadings of Rainwater during Farming Season
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 Title & Authors
Chemical Properties and Nutrient Loadings of Rainwater during Farming Season
Kim, Min-Kyeong; Hong, Seong-Chang; Lee, Jong-Sik; Jung, Goo-Buk; Kwon, Soon-Ik; Chae, Mi-Jin; Yun, Sun-Gang; So, Kyu-Ho;
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Recently, special attention has been given to acid rain and its problem to environment such as acid precipitation and air pollution in East Asia. In the present study, rainwater samples were collected from Apr to Nov in 2012. The samples were chemically characterized for the assessment of emission sources. Suwon and Yeoju regions, typical agricultural areas in South Korea, were chosen for study sites. Ion composition and cation-affected neutralization were determined to evaluate the contribution of cations to the acidity of rainwater. Ion and electrical conductivity between the measured and the estimated showed high correlation. The cations observed in Suwon and Yeoju were > > > > > and > > > > $Mg^{2+}
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Suspended Solids Export by the Outflowing Water from Irrigation Paddy Field during Rice Growing Season of Korea,;;;;;;

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