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Effects of Thermal Pretreatment Temperature on the Solubilization Characteristics of Dairy Manure for Dry Anaerobic Digestion
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Thermal Pretreatment Temperature on the Solubilization Characteristics of Dairy Manure for Dry Anaerobic Digestion
Ahn, Heekwon; Lee, Seunghun; Kim, Eunjong; Lee, Jaehee; Sung, Yongjoo;
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The effect of thermal pretreatment conditions on hydrolysis characteristics of dairy manure and sawdust mixtures has been evaluated. Thermal pretreatment temperature varied between 35 and and the period of the treatment changed between 30 and 1440min (24h). As thermal pretreatment temperature and duration increased, organic material solublization rates were improved. Maximum solubilizations of chemical oxygen demand (SCOD), carbohydrates, and volatile fatty acids(VFAs) were observed when dairy manure treated for one day at . Although one day treatment duration at showed the highest SCOD, soluble carbohydrates, and VFAs concentration, its hydrolysis rate was only about 12%. The results reveal that the thermal pretreatment conditions tried in this study are not enough to solubilize the organic matter contained in dairy manure and sawdust mixtures. In order to maximize hydrolysis performance, the further research needs to determine the factors influences on organic material solubilization in addition to thermal pretreatment temperature and duration.
Thermal pretreatment;Hydrolysis;Solubilization;Dairy manure;Anaerobic digestion;
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