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Analysis of Temporal Change in Soil Erosion Potential at Haean-myeon Watershed Due to Climate Change
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Temporal Change in Soil Erosion Potential at Haean-myeon Watershed Due to Climate Change
Lee, Wondae; Jang, Chunhwa; Kum, Donghyuk; Jung, Younghun; Kang, Hyunwoo; Yang, Jae E.; Lim, Kyoung Jae; Park, Youn Shik;
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Climate change has been social and environmental issues, it typically indicates the trend changes of not only temperature but also rainfall. There is a need to consider climate changes in a long-term soil erosion estimation since soil loss in a watershed can be varied by the changes of rainfall intensity and frequency of torrential rainfall. The impacts of rainfall trend changes on soil loss, one of climate changes, were estimated using Sediment Assessment Tool for Effective Erosion Control (SATEEC) employing L module with current climate scenario and future climate scenario collected from the Korea Meteorological Administration. A 62 watershed was selected to explore the climate changes on soil loss. SATEEC provided an increasing trend of soil loss with the climate change scenarios, which were 182 ton/ha/year in 2010s, 169 ton/ha/year in 2020s, 192 ton/ha/year in 2030s,182 ton/ha/year in 2040s, and 218 ton/ha/year in 2050s. Moreover, it was found that approximately 90% of agricultural area in the watershed displayed the soil loss of 50 ton/ha/year which is exceeding the allow able soil loss regulation by the Ministry of Environment.
Climate Change;SATEEC;Soil erosion;Potential;
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