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Heavy Metal Uptake by Balloon Flower Together with Investigating Soil Properties and Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Cultivated Soils
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 Title & Authors
Heavy Metal Uptake by Balloon Flower Together with Investigating Soil Properties and Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Cultivated Soils
Bae, Jun-Sik; Seo, Byoung-Hwan; Lee, Sin-Woo; Kim, Won-Il; Kim, Kwon-Rae;
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Soil properties and heavy metal (HM) concentrations in the field soils where balloon flowers (Platycodon grandiflorum, BF) were cultivated, were investigated together with HM (Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn) accumulation by the BF roots. Basically, in most soils examined (51-97% among 65 samples), the chemical properties including soil pH, organic matter, available-P, and exchangeable cation contents appeared to be lower than the optimal ranges for balloon flower cultivation. There were no samples exceeding the standard limits for HM in soils. Instead, the total HM concentration levels in soils appeared to be maintained at around background levels for general soil in Korea. This implied that elevated HM accumulation in the soils caused by any possible input sources was unlikely. Even though the BF cultivated soils were not contaminated by HM, it was appeared that substantial amount of Cd was accumulated in BF roots with 1.5% and 35% roots samples exceeding the standard limits legislated for BF root () and herbal plants (), respectively. This implied that the soil HM standard limits based on the total concentration does not reflect well the metal accumulation by plants and also it is likely that the Cd standard limits for BF and herbal plants is too restrict.
Contamination;Food safety;Herbal plant;Medicinal plant;Soil;
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장백도라지의 대량 증식을 위한 조직배양 및 순화 조건 확립,한은희;손용완;김만배;신용욱;조영손;이신우;

Journal of Plant Biotechnology, 2014. vol.41. 3, pp.134-139 crossref(new window)
국내 유통 약용작물 중 카드뮴, 수은, 납, 비소 함량 모니터링 및 위해성 평가,김혁수;김권래;홍창오;고우리;정선희;류지혁;조남준;홍진환;김원일;

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