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ACC Deaminase Producing Arsenic Tolerant Bacterial Effect on Mitigation of Stress Ethylene Emission in Maize Grown in an Arsenic Polluted Soil
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 Title & Authors
ACC Deaminase Producing Arsenic Tolerant Bacterial Effect on Mitigation of Stress Ethylene Emission in Maize Grown in an Arsenic Polluted Soil
Shagol, Charlotte C.; Subramanian, Parthiban; Krishnamoorthy, Ramasamy; Kim, Kiyoon; Lee, Youngwook; Kwak, Chaemin; Sundaram, Suppiah; Shin, Wansik; Sa, Tongmin;
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Arsenic is a known hazardous metalloid not only to the animals but also to plants. With high concentrations, it can impede normal plant growth and cause even death of plants at extremely high levels. A known plant response to stress conditions such as toxic levels of metal (loids) is the production of stress ethylene, causing inhibitory effect on root growth in plants. When the effect of various arsenic concentrations was tested to maize plant, the stress ethylene emission proportionately increased with increasing concentration of As(V). The inoculation of two arsenic tolerant bacteria; Pseudomonas grimonti JS126 and Pseudomonas taiwanensis JS238 having respective high and low 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) deaminase activity reduced stress ethylene emission by 59% and 30% in maize grown in arsenic polluted soils. The result suggested the possible use of Pseudomonas grimonti JS126 for phytoremediation of arsenic polluted soils.
ACC deaminase;Arsenic tolerant bacteria;Maize;Stress ethylene;
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