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Changes in Physical Properties Especially, Three Phases, Bulk Density, Porosity and Correlations under No-tillage Clay Loam Soil with Ridge Cultivation of Rain Proof Plastic House
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Changes in Physical Properties Especially, Three Phases, Bulk Density, Porosity and Correlations under No-tillage Clay Loam Soil with Ridge Cultivation of Rain Proof Plastic House
Yang, Seung-Koo; Seo, Youn-Won; Kim, Sun-Kook; Kim, Byeong-Ho; Kim, Hee-Kwon; Kim, Hyun-Woo; Choi, Kyung-Ju; Han, Yeon Soo; Jung, Woo-Jin;
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This study was carried out to investigate the sustainable agriculture of no-tillage technique including recycling of the ridge and the furrow of a field for following crops in Korea. No-tillage systems affect soil physical properties such as three phase (solid, liquid, and air phase) and distribution of soil granular. Solid ratio of subsoil in 3-year of no-tillage (NT) treatment was remarkably lower than that in conventional (CT, 2-year of no-tillage + 1-year of tillage) treatment, while air ratio of subsoil in NT remarkably increased. Bulk density of subsoil in NT remarkably decreased. Porosity of subsoil in NT remarkably increased. Deviation of air phase, bulk density, and porosity of top soil and subsoil in NT remarkably decreased in NT compared with CT. Solid phase ratio and liquid phase ratio in NT and CT had positive (+) correlation. Solid phase ratio and air phase ratio in NT and CT had negative (-) correlation, also liquid phase ratio and air ratio had negative (-) correlation. Bulk density and liquid ratio in soil had positive (+) correlation at top soil and subsoil in NT. Bulk density and air ratio in soil had negative (-) correlation in NT and CT. Porosity and liquid phase ratio had negative (-) correlation, r
No-tillage;Bulk density;Porosity;Three phase of soil;Greenhouse;
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두둑을 재활용한 한국형 무경운 농업 II. 시설 무경운 토양의 물리적 특성 : 입단과 용적밀도 및 삼상변화,양승구;신길호;김선국;김희권;김현우;정우진;

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Changes of Chemical Properties and Correlation under No-tillage Silt Loam Soil with Ridge Cultivation of Plastics Film Greenhouse Condition,;;;;;;

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