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The Removal of Petroleum Hydrocarbon from Fine Soil in Soil Washing Water using Advanced Oxidation Processes
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 Title & Authors
The Removal of Petroleum Hydrocarbon from Fine Soil in Soil Washing Water using Advanced Oxidation Processes
Jang, Gwan-Soon;
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This study was performed to test the applicability of the ozone/hydroxy radical reaction system, which applied advanced oxidation processes, to remove total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) from the fine soil in washing water of the soil washing process. Removal efficiency was tested on 40 L of washing water in a pilot reaction tank. Fine soil contaminated with TPH was prepared at 5% and 10% suspended solids. Testing conditions included ozone/hydroxy radical flow rates of 40, 80, and , and processing time of 2 to 12 hours. The removal efficiency of petroleum hydrocarbon from water waster by ozone/hydroxy radical was increased with higher flow rates and lower percentages of suspended solids. Optimal efficiency was achieved at flow rate for 4 hours for the 5% suspended solids, and for 6 hours for the 10% suspended solids. These results verified the efficiency of hydroxy radical in removing TPH and the applicability of the ozone/hydroxy radical reaction system in the field.
Ozone/hydroxy radical;Advanced oxidation processes;Total petroleum hydrocarbon;Soil washing;
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