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Effect of Cattle-Manure Application on Soil Chemical Properties and Crop Yields in Rice-Forage Cropping System
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Cattle-Manure Application on Soil Chemical Properties and Crop Yields in Rice-Forage Cropping System
Lee, Yejin; Yun, Hong-Bae; Sung, Jwa-Kyung; Ha, Sang-Keun; Song, Yo-Sung; Sonn, Yeon-Kyu; Lee, Deog-Bae;
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The steady increase in livestock industry has greatly required the stable production of food and forage crops. As an alternative, rice-forage cropping system has been attempted in several southern areas. The present study was performed to understand whether an application of cattle-manure compost affects soil chemical properties and crop productivity in rice-forage cropping system, rice summer oat rye, in Jangheong county, south Jeolla province from 2013 to 2014. Treatments was composed of control (no compost), CM1 (compost application before rice transplanting), and CM2 (two-times compost application, before rice transplanting and after rice harvest), and inorganic fertilizers (N, P, and K) were equally dressed in all plots. Yields of rice were not significantly different between treatments, however, oat production was 1.25-fold higher in CM1 and CM2. Nutrient uptake amounts of rye were higher in CM2 than CM1 and control. Total nitrogen in soil was maintained stable level during crop cultivation. And soil organic matter contents in all treatments were increased by crop residue. Available and exchangeable K were increased by cattle manure application. Therefore, it suggested that the amount of nutrient by forage crop residue should be considered in rice-forage multiple cultivation.
Rice;Forage crop;Multiple cropping;Soil chemical property;
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