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Effects of Liquid Pig Manure Application Level on Growth Characteristics, Yield, and Feed Value of Whole Crop Barley at Reclaimed Tidal Land in Southwestern Korea
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Liquid Pig Manure Application Level on Growth Characteristics, Yield, and Feed Value of Whole Crop Barley at Reclaimed Tidal Land in Southwestern Korea
Shin, Pyeong; Cho, Kwang-Min; Back, Nam-Hyun; Yang, Chang-Hyu; Lee, Geon-Hwi; Park, Ki-Hun; Lee, Dong-Sung; Chung, Doug-Young;
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This study was conducted to investigate liquid pig manure (LPM) application rates on the growth characteristics, yield, and feed value of whole crop barley in Yeongsangang and Saemangeum reclaimed tidal land. Electronic conductivity (EC), organic matter (OM), and available phosphate (Av. ) increased in chemical properties of Yeongsangang and Saemangeum soil as raising LPM application level. As increasing LPM application level, exchangeable significantly increased in Yeongsangang, while exchangeable significantly increased in Saemangeum. Plant height was not significantly different from LPM 100% to LPM 200% in Yeongsangang and in Saemangeum. Dry matter yield of whole crop barley increased steadily, but crop yield of LPM 200% in Yeongsangang () was as much as that of LPM 150% (). Yield of LPM 200% () in Saemangeum was similar to that of LPM 150% (). Crude protein (CP) increased depending on LPM application level, but total digestible nutrients (TDN) increased regardless of LPM application level. LPM 200% was the highest in TDN yield (Yeongsangang: , Saemangeum: ), but there was no statistical difference between LPM 150% (Yeongsangang: , Saemangeum: ) and LPM 200%. From the results described above, optimum rate of LPM for cultivating whole crop barley is considered 100% in Yeongsangang reclaimed tidal land and 150% in Saemangeum reclaimed tidal land, showing that the effect of LPM application is better in Segmentation than that in Yeongsangang for yield of whole crop barley.
Liquid pig manure;Whole crop barley;Yield;Optimum rate;Reclaimed tidal land;
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